How Did Others Fare

How did others fare

On The 8th and 12th of January 1998 Scott Watson was asked by police to recount his activities and movements on the 31st of December and 1st of January. These activities were of no importance at the time they occurred, nor were they when recalled some two weeks later.

How did others fare when asked to do the same?

Amelia Hope was a passenger aboard the Naiad driven by Guy Wallace:

30648 / JS / AMELIA HOPE / ASD279 / 040198








1000 hrs                      Amelia Kate HOPE


                                    Age:  19 years

                                    Dob:  26.08.78



                                    I’m sure it was about 3.00-3.30am when we went to the Tamarack.  We went out on a yellow/orange Naiad.  It was the biggest one out there.


                                    There was no one other than the two of us that were standing on the jetty.  Everything had pretty much closed up.  The bar was still open.  I saw the staff in a launch that was next to the jetty.


                                    The driver came down to the jetty with two other people.  They were male and female.  Then another single guy came.  I asked him if we could get a ride to the Tamarack and he said, “Sure jump aboard”.


                                    The driver was about 50 years or late 50s.  He was about 5’9” tall, quite slim build.  He wasn’t a big guy.  He had tattoos on the back of his legs that were quite distinctive and he smoked.  I was at Furneaux yesterday helping with a search and I saw this person again and recognised him as the person that had taken us to the Tamarack.


                                    He took Rick and I out to the Tamarack first.  We got on board and as we did so Olivia and Ben got on the boat.  I didn’t see her but I heard her voice.  She said, “There’s too many people here, I’m going back to shore”.  Then she said, “We’ll jump on this boat”.  She asked the driver if she could get on and he said it was fine.


Or on 7/1/98:

10085 / ST / AMELIA HOPE / ASD279 / 070198 / F 


Police Station
Seymour Street
7 January 1998
2.50 pm 


Amelia Kate HOPE states:  


The driver was a male, Caucasian, about 50 years old, about 5’7” tall.  He was medium build and he had tattoos on both of his lower legs.  He had shorts and a shirt but it wasn’t a Furneaux shirt.


When I got on the Naiad I was sitting at the front left and Rick was at the front right.  The guy on his own was sitting right at the front point of the Naiad.  The other couple were behind us but I’m not sure which side.


I have just been shown a photo of Guy WALLACE.  I do not recognise him and he was not the person that took us to the “Tamarack”.

I have read this and it is true and correct.



(Sgd)  A K Hope

Statement taken and signature witnessed by:



A J Saunders

Detective Constable D279

7 January 1998

5.30 pm


Rick Goddard was also aboard the Naiad on the trip to Tamarack:

30636 / JS / RICHARD GODDARD / ASD279 / 040198








1450 hrs                      GODDARD Richard Anthony


                                    OCC:   Student

                                    DOB:  13.08.77


There was only me and Amelia left and everyone else had gone back to Punga.  We got a ride out to the yacht in a small rubber dinghy with a motor on it.  There was only me and Amelia and the driver on board.


A J Saunders

Detective Constable D279

4 January 1998


Or on 7 January:

10029 / ST / RICHARD GODDARD / RHD188 / 070198


Blenheim Police Station

7th January 1 998



Richard Anthony GODDARD states:


Once we got to the jetty we waited for maybe five or ten minutes to get a ride over to the Tamarack.


A little inflatable dinghy turned up at the jetty with just one person in there driving it.  I think it was the Furneaux Lodge runaround.  I think that it was either yellow or red in colour and it had a motor on the back.


It was a male person driving and he was oldish possibly between 30 and 50 years.


We asked him for a ride to the Tamarack and he took us over there.  I remember Amelia when she got into the dinghy just pointing the way to where the Tamarack was.  I don't know whether he already knew where it was or not.


He took us over there and we got off the dinghy at the back of the Tamarack.

My impressions were that Olivia and Ben had gone back on the runaround that had brought Amelia and I back to the Tamarack.


There was definitely no one else in the runaround when it brought us over.


Or on 9th February:

10678 / ST / RICHARD GODDARD / SCC539 / 090298


Blenheim Police Station
Monday 9 February 1998
1520 hrs


Richard Anthony GODDARD states:


On the way over the guy that must have been there must have been pretty quiet because I can’t recall him on the Naiad.


That’s about all I can say, unfortunately.

I have read this statement and it is true and correct.

(Signed) R A GODDARD




Statement taken and signature witnessed by:

(Signed) S M CURRIE

Detective Constable C539

9 February 1998

1745 hrs.    

The statements above are completely inconsistent with the crown case but they were the recollections of these two people when asked by police to recall the events of the 1st of January 1998.

        When Scott Watson did not recall exact times and events he was branded as a Liar. 

Were these two people  lying?